Facts & Figures

The technical specifications of the DutchVentus wind turbine are shown below

Benefits of the DutchVentus wind turbine

  • No noise pollution
  • No shadow
  • Complementary to solar panels
  • Suitable for urban, rural and industrial environments
  • Suitable for locations with turbulent winds
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Produces energy from very low wind speeds
  • Continues to generate energy even at very high wind speeds
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable appearance
  • Delivery with corporate house style possible
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands


  • Rotor diameter:
    – 3,50 metres
  • Nominal power:
    – 10 kW generator
  • Maximum rotor speed:
    – 220 Rpm (aerodynamically limited)
  • Weight:
    – approx. 950 Kg (excluding the mast)


  • Rotating outer housing with five blades driving the generator


  • rotor:
    – composite
  • Frame:
    – steel


  • Max AC power 17 kW
  • Max DC power 10 kW

Starting wind speed

  • Self-starting at approx. 3 m/s (wind force Bft 2; light breeze)


  • Lifespan in excess of 20 years, 100% recyclable components

The wind turbine is characterised by:

  • A patented co-rotating aerodynamically designed outer housing
  • A rotating aerodynamically designed cone that maximises the rotational speed at very high wind speeds
  • Patented aerodynamic blades with ‘lift & drag’ function
  • Direct drive generator installed at the front

Generator and converter

The converter is controlled by self-developed software which is based on various sensors. The generator is optimally charged with each rotation to generate maximum power in all conditions.

The sensors can measure wind speed, air pressure, humidity, ambient temperature and rotational speed.