The DutchVentus wind turbine has a diameter of 3 metres and a nominal power of 10 kW. Not only does DutchVentus produce almost no noise at all but also no shadow, thus making it a favourable option for urban environments. The DutchVentus is easy to install.

Benefits of the DutchVentus wind turbine

  • No noise pollution
  • No shadow
  • Complementary to solar panels
  • Suitable for urban, rural and industrial environments
  • Suitable for locations with turbulent winds
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Produces energy from very low wind speeds
  • Continues to generate energy even at very high wind speeds
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable appearance
  • Delivery with corporate house style possible
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands

DutchVentus Wind Turbine

DutchVentus is a wind turbine with a diameter of 3.5 metres. In comparison with other ‘small’ wind turbines, the DutchVentus wind turbine is the most efficient and therefore enjoys a very favourable price-performance ratio. The DutchVentus wind turbine is easy to install.

The DutchVentus wind turbine can be placed close to the end user(s) – also in environments that experience high levels of wind turbulence – at competitive rates and with fewer adverse effects on the environment than traditional open-bladed wind turbines. The wind turbine is also complementary to solar panels and, when used in combination, can achieve additional returns by utilising the alternating periods of wind and sun.

Barely Noise or Shadow

In contrast to open-bladed wind turbines, the DutchVentus wind turbine produces barely noise or shadow. This is due to the unique, patented rotor in which the blades are attached to the co-rotating outer housing. The result of this is that there is no air swirl at the exit end of the blades, so barely noise is produced.

High Efficiency

The large surface area of the blades in combination with the unique patented blade shape ensures the optimal conversion of wind energy into electrical energy.

Greater Wind Range

The DutchVentus wind turbine can generate energy from a wind speed of just 3 m/s (wind force Bft 2). And, unlike other turbines that must be switched off in very high winds, the DutchVentus wind turbine continues to generate energy, thanks to its unique aerodynamic design.


The wind turbine from DutchVentus has a very long lifespan and is made of 100% recyclable materials

Promotional Item

The wind turbine can be ordered in any desired colour. Furthermore, it can even be produced with your corporate house style in mind and can, therefore, be used as a promotional item. Three functionalities in one: an energy source, an advert and a message to the outside world that your company operates sustainably.